Artichoke which actually is a versatile food, is widely considered as vegetable. Artichokes are known as cardoon, which is originated from Mediterranean area. Besides, artichokes can be found in Europe, Middle East and America, however, it is quite rare in Asia region. Since they include plenty of benefits of blocking different forms of diseases like cancer, immune system weakness, cholesterol, overweight, heart diseases and strokes, it is major consumed in many dishes in the Western region. Moreover, artichokes are famous for its detoxifying effect against your body and develop the liver’s health as well as support cells to fight back digestive problems. Plus, this incredible vegetable can lower your blood pressure, remove hangovers and regulate urination.

1. Prevent Cancer
Studies have shown that artichokes are one of the vegetable that owns the highest amount of antioxidant among those ordinary vegetables. Antioxidant is the main weapon to defence the immune system to block the consequences of free radicals, cancer and heart attacks. Those antioxidant compounds found in artichokes are known to originate from polyphenols, a high amount substance in artichokes. Polyphenol can slow down, prevent or entirely reverse the consequences of cancer. Plus, the antioxidant also comes from quercetin and rutin, which are the two particular properties have been indicated to lower the risk of developing cancer.

Secondly, artichokes consist of high amount of vitamin C which is another antioxidant as well. This type of vitamin is well known for its ability to demoralize several conditions such as mucositis and fibrosis as well as lower the risk of cancer.

Eventually, it is proven that the extract from artichokes can reduce cell apoptosis and proliferation when being penetrated in cancerous masses. In addition, it can diminish the risks and consequences of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

2. Improve Heart Health
Apart from its incredible abilities to block cancer, artichokes are famous for its wonderful fighting back heart diseases. There are some specific substances found in artichokes are indicated to lower the amount of negative cholesterol and provide the supplements for the positive cholesterol (such as HDL, omega 3 fatty acid). Since cholesterol is a kind of fat that can build up inside the arteries prevent the blood stream, lift up the blood pressure thus lead to some severe potential heart attacks and strokes, it is highly recommended to consume artichokes to reduce these negative cholesterol as well as improve your heart health.

3. Reduce Blood Pressure
Potassium, a significant mineral found in artichokes, possesses a wonderful ability to influence on tremendous organ system inside the body. It can neutralize the consequences of excess sodium, which is responsible for lifting up blood pressure. Artichokes thus work as a vasodilator. In addition, it is extremely helpful for who is under hypertension medication currently since it can block the consequences of potassium shortage. Hence, it is recommended to consume artichokes to reduce blood pressure which will eventually lower the risk of heart attacks and related heart diseases.

4. Improve Digestive Issues
Artichokes contain a high amount of dietary fiber, which works as the most advantageous nutrients for supporting the digestive system functions as well as its health. Fiber can regulate your bowel movements smoothly and diminish the symptoms of constipation, stomach cancer, intestinal diseases as well as cramps, surplus flatulence and bloating. In addition, if you encounter any problems from diarrhea, the fiber found in artichokes can absorb the surplus liquid and thus, improve the bowel movements in patients and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Another benefit of artichokes is its significance on the gallbladder. It can used to relieve the pain in gallbladders and can unclog the blocked duct in the organ system thus enable it to work normally. As a result, artichokes are beneficial for digestive health.

5. Improve Bone Health
Artichokes wonderful and amazing ability of attaining vitamins and beneficial minerals has enabled it to be one of the best vegetable on the dinner table. It contains tremendous types of minerals such as magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. Thus, it can help to support the bone’ functions as well as enhance the bone’s health and density in order to lower the risk of osteoporosis.

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