17 Types of Relaxing Chairs you Might Never Heard About

Relax chairs, also called anti-stress chairs, are a class of spacious and comfortable armchairs specially designed so that the user can rest and relax with maximum comfort, so they are essential elements for rest and are usually the protagonists of the room. Unlike the relax sofa, which allows more than one person to sit comfortably, usually two or three, the relax chair has only one seat.

There is a great variety of relax chairs, thanks to the advancement of technologies and design, we can find them in multiple styles and forms, with a multitude of options to choose from depending on our budget and the space we have to place it.

There are numerous types of relax armchair available in the market, let’s see the main ones:

Relaxing recliner: the backrest can be placed in different positions, usually two, to get a better rest. Relax reclining chairs also have a footrest that rises to provide a comfortable support to the legs, being able to fold when not needed.

Relaxed armchair with pouf: it consists of two components: the pouf, which is used as a footrest, and the relax chair itself, which incorporates the relaxation mechanism and can also be used as a conventional armchair. Both furniture follow the same design line and the combination of a lounge chair with pouf is very comfortable and elegant.

Puf: is a piece of furniture composed of a fabric with a soft material filling, usually pieces of polystyrene, so that its structure looks like a large cushion, since it lacks legs and all its base rests on the floor. The pouf is very versatile furniture, since it can be used to sit, lean, lie down or rest the feet, being very easy to move because of its lightness.

Massage chair: it is a type of relax chair that is characterized by having an automated system capable of applying a relaxing massage on body and legs. The relax massage chair is a high-tech device and usually includes remote control and LCD screen, allowing you to configure numerous parameters of the massage, such as duration, areas to be treated, type of massage (relaxation, calorific, shiatsu) or intensity. Massage chairs help activate circulation, relax muscles, improve sleep quality, release tension, relieve pain and de-stress the body. Check this comparison of massage chairs to choose one for your home.

Zero Gravity relax chair: allows adopting the so-called Zero Gravity position or zero gravity position, designed by NASA for astronauts during takeoff, since it is the one that exerts less pressure on the spine and extremities. This position favors blood circulation and relaxation, as no specific pressure is exerted anywhere on the body, so it is very useful to maintain the function of the human body and the quality of sleep.

People-lift relax chair: it has a mechanism that raises the seat and tilts it forward in order to facilitate the incorporation of the user, which leaves practically standing, thus making its use easier for the elderly or with reduced mobility.

Relax chair with chaise longue: it has a chaise longue, furniture that allows to extend the legs to rest comfortably, but not completely lying down. In this way, the relax chair with chaise longue serves two functions: relax chair and chaise longue.

Chaise longue: it is a type of sofa destined to rest the legs but without being completely lying down, since that has an extension that allows extending the legs to rest comfortably. Nowadays they are very extended the sofas that incorporate chaise longue, since they help to take advantage of the space better and they are original, comfortable, useful and elegant.

Divan: is a type of furniture to sit similar to the sofa, which is usually manufactured without backrest and with two cushions at the ends, like arms, although many models have head but not back. Since the couches have a long seat formed by a mattress, they allow both sitting and lying down, so they can even serve to sleep in them occasionally.

Children reclining chairs: it is a type of relax chair designed to be used by children, so they are built on a smaller scale and usually do not have the handle mechanism that have many reclining chairs for adults, but they work in conjunction with The footrests, so that when pulling the footrest the backrest is reclined back.

Sofa bed: it has under the seats a folding mechanism that contains a mattress that can be opened to form a bed. Sofa beds are very versatile furniture, since they serve as a seat and as a bed, and are often used to take advantage of the space available in small rooms or as an auxiliary furniture to welcome guests at specific times.

Futon: is a type of bed of Japanese origin consisting of a mattress with a cover, which is placed on a folding frame in such a way that it can be used as a bed at night and as a sofa during the day, which is an alternative To conventional bed and other living room furniture. Usually the mattress and the frame are sold together.

Beach Relax Chair: beach chair with armrests, reclining backrest with adjustable tilt and adjustable footrest. Relaxing beach chairs have padding or are combined with a mat that is attached to its structure to make the break more comfortable, making them perfect for enjoying the sun.

Deckchair: pool, garden or beach furniture, designed for the user to lie down or sit down while relaxing or sunbathing. The most common deckchairs are usually made of a metal or wooden folding frame, with a sewn canvas, although it is also very common to find them made of plastic or wood sheets, with a mat for comfort.

Rocking chair: it is a type of chair that has two curved sheets attached to the bottom of the legs, so that the chair only contacts the ground at two points, giving the occupant the ability to swing back and forth to the Change your weight or pushing lightly with your feet, which provides a feeling of relaxation.

Hammock: furniture used for sleeping or resting, consisting of a canvas or net suspended between two firm points. The hammock is often seen as a symbol of summer, leisure, relaxation and simple living. It is usually composed of a thin-woven woven net or cloth, tied with ropes between two firm anchor points, such as trees, posts or hooks on the walls.

Garden swing or garden swing: it is a hanging seat that hangs by chains of a metal or wooden structure, which has a comfortable bench with back and that can accommodate several people. The garden swings are similar to the swings used by children for their fun, but are designed for adults to rest.

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